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Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Those who experience the loss of loved ones and friends, lor whom death has become a reality, are more likely to seek the greater purpose and meaning of life and, perchance, to live more fully because they know life is short and is precious. They also find that life goes on and that one cannot afford to live in the past, but must live in the present and turn one's gaze forward. Yet, mourning does not only mean the grief involved in the loss of loved ones and friends to death, it includes all forms of loss from which we might suffer—the loss of one's job or career, the loss of one's youth, the loss of relationships, the loss of ones home, and so many other painful transitions that are part of life.

Any cause of mourning presents us with an opportunity to turn inward and upward, Godward, and to seek to restore the Spirit-connection, and to draw upon the light that is in us. To mourn means to allow oneself to experience the grief and pain, to accept the loss, and to move on. hopefully with a deeper connection to the Spirit. Those who are willing to mourn in this way will be comforted, and they may well discover a secret center of peace and joy within themselves that can be found in no other way.

iMourning indicates a recognition of the sorrow and suffering inherent in our present condition and, yet more, the recognition of all things as impermanent phenomena. Because of the ego-illusion, we tend to have a fixed or static view of ourselves. Consequently, we project that fixed or static view onto life and the world. When we experience a severe loss, it challenges our self-identity and woridview,- sometimes it shatters our self-identification and woridview completely. Grief is our resistance to change and the pain of shattering change brings, and it is quite natural. Yeshua encourages us to grieve fully and to allow the change and shattering to come full cycle—potentially to a more enlightened vision of ourselves, life and the world. Fundamentally, such times in life represent opportunities to re-vision and re-create ourselves, to be reborn in the Spirit, and may lead to radical leaps in the self-realization process.

Mourning also alludes to the embrace of our deepest and darkest fears, which, according to many spiritual adepts and masters around the world, may actually contain the secret of enlightenment, or God, as though our fears are fierce or wrathful guardians of the supreme mystery. In any case, according to Gnostic teachings, our desires and our tears are what keep us bound to the dominion of the demiurgos and ar-chom -jnd to the endless rounds of the transmigration of the soul. Thus, in order to free ourselves from them, we must be willing to look into them and embrace them. Only in this way is enlightenment and liberation accomplished.

It is quite significant that this is the second Beatitude, following the first, for it implies the mystical death necessary for a rebirth in the Spirit. The emptiness we spoke of naturally leads to a mystical death, for as we fully set ourselves upon the spiritual p3th, in effect, we depart our old self and old life and enter into a new life founded upon the inner Christ self. We must actually mourn the old self and old life in order to fully embrace the divine life. In so doing, we recognize the ignorance inherent in the old life and the wisdom of the divine life, and thus we are unlikely to turn away from the divine presence and power.

When we first come to the spiritual path quite simply, we are unenlightened and many things in our lives are not in harmony with our Christ self. Though this is an obvious truth, oftentimes at first we do not realize what this means—that, to seek enlightenment and liberation, a radical change in our consciousness and life is necessary. On one level in this Beatitude, Yeshua blesses those who enter the Way m:ly desiring and willing to achieve a lull spiritual transformation, and he promises that their desire will be fulfilled if only they are willing to undergo a mystical death and spiritual rebirth. Truly,-the path to Christ consciousness is learning to live in a very different wav than that of unenlightened society,- were this not the case, surely the experience of Christhood would be far more common among us.

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