The Wisdom of Forgiveness

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Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (Gospel of St. Matthew 5:7)

We must mention a very simple and powerful principle which is alluded to in this Beatitude. Whatever you want to receive, generate it within your own consciousness and life, share it with others, and you will receive it a hundredfold. One need only do so freely, without reservation or any vital demand. This is a function of the law of cause and effect, based upon the law of affinity. Every action invokes an equal and corresponding reaction, and by the law of affinity, like attracts like. Thus, the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions we generate will attrac:

corresponding circumstances, situations, and events, as well as corresponding spiritual forces.

Here, Master Yeshua is specifically applying this principle to mercy or forgiveness, suggesting that when we are merciful and forgiving we ourselves receive mercy or forgiveness. Within this saying is a deep understanding of the play of karma and the karmic matrix. The karmic matrix is formed of "cords" created by the interaction of souls and spiritual forces to which souls cling and thus become bound. While cultivating and cleaving to positive karmic connections is conducive to spiritual development and the evolution of souls, creating and clinging to negative karmic connections is counterproductive and injurious to souls. Unless we are willing to liberate one another from the cords that bind us through active forgiveness and compassion, quite simply, we remain bound to negative manifestations of karmic conditioning. In seek-ii "our pound of flesh" from those who have wronged us, as the saying goes, we then owe many more pounds of our own flesh to those whom we have wronged. This vicious cycle can potentially go on and on forever if we are unwilling to put an end to it.

The tendency to be unwilling to forgive is a great obstruction to our enlightenment and liberation, and itself generates a vast amount of internal self-negativity. The unwillingness to forgive others and our projection of judgment upon them is a direct reflection of our inability to forgive ourselves and our habitual judgment of ourselves. This tmth is reflected very well in the accounts of many near-death experiences, in which individuals recount coming before a light-presence that is completely loving and accepting, yet they find themselves in the midst of the judgment. According to these accounts, it was not the light-presence who was judging them or unwilling to forgive them. Rather, it was themselves who were unable to forgive themselves and thus manifesting the judgment. Essentially, whatever judgment is experienced by a soul, it is a product of the soul's own grasping onto negativity and the inability to let go of it.

The ancient root of the word translated as "mercy" actually meant "womb," and connotes something in the depth of the body or in the depths of the being, something deeply passionate, as well as meaning "love and "compassion." "Womb" is an intriguing word, because it implies motherhood, nurturance, and support, and because the ultimate purpose of the womb is to give birth—to give life and to liberate from itself. To be merciful, then, conriotes feeling others deeply within oneself, as though inseparable from oneself, and ultimately seeking to give birth to the good of others, or serving to liberate others to a higher state of consciousness. In so doing, of course, one naturally experiences enlightenment and liberation oneself. One could say that to be merciful as Lord Yeshua encourages us co be merciful is to be motherly. Perhaps the most obvious quality of motherhood is the mercy and love that mothers extend to their children. According to the masters of the tradición, the Lord calls us all to motherhood—men and women alike—so that we might give birth to the soul of light in ourselves and others. In so doing, we draw ourselves close to the Divine Mother and potentially may experience unification with God.

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