The Way to Success

As human beings, we do, indeed, desire success, and we generally desire it in the present, not so much in the future. Our life is in the present, and our capacity for future success exists for us in the present moment as a potential. If we can look and see that potential and tap into it in the present, we can and will attain success now that otherwise would oniy come in the distant future. It is a fundamental fact that the actuality of the future is the thought of the present. What we initiate in thought presently, and maintain consistently in thought, will express itself at some future moment as an action or real experience. Here and now, today, in the deeper levels of our being and consciousness, we possess the knowledge and power necessaiy for perfect success—hence, the soul of light and Christ self in us.

Everything that is outwardly expressed is an inner divine potential, a self-begetting and self-generating life-power that exists within each of us. Outward mastery of any form—material, psychic, or spiritual— is an expression of an inner divine potential of perfect success As we have pointed out, Gnostic Christianity teaches us that we must go inside ourselves, discover this creative divine potential, and bring it forth from within ourselves, rather than sitting idle, waiting for years or lifetimes before realizing and actualizing it. If we do not consciously seek -> activate this potential, we might well die beiore ever learning to tap into it, and thus miss our opportunity for self-realization or enlightenment. If nothing else, we certainly withhold ourselves from the greater opportunity for prosperity, success, health, and happiness, for which we yearn so deeply.

When the subconscious knowledge is made conscious and our su-perconscious power is activated, then our inner potential is made to manifest outwardly, and the tendency to failure is reduced, eventually vanishing altogether. Perfect success bee . -es a constant in our experience. This is the secret behind much of what has been called miracles or magic, and according to Sophian teachings, it is tr.e real message of the resurrection and ascensionl

Any activity or work in which one experiences a larger percentage of success is a good place to begin to practice and experiment with the perfection of success. Take, for example, a creative activity one enjoys, and consider a point where one's creativity becomes stuck or blocked. The next time you experience the block in your creative flow, instead of becoming engrossed in fighting against the block, relax, go within, anc! .eek to identify exactly what the block is—look deeper into it and find the causes for the block or appearance of failure. Then, seek to remove the causes ol the block, or at least make a conscious decision to overcome the causes here and now. During your next creative adventure, you will recall your previous obstructions, and they will nc longer have the same strength as before.- they will naturally be dispelled and vanish. i

Obviously, to look and see this way one must go within and become the silent witness. Likewise, as part of the process of working through one's blocks, one will utilize the practice of affirmation and creative visualization, hence, one will use the whole foundation of the spiritual life and practice we have been discussing. This process is the same regardless of the activity to which it is applied, from business to spiritual advancement.

There are three steps to overcoming tailure:

1. Recognize failure as an external reflection of something to be worked out within oneself.

2. Co within to find what needs to be worked out.

3. Make a clear and conscious decision to work out the internal cause of the apparent failure and take action to do so to whatever degree one is capable.

In this way, the foundation for the perfection of success is formed.

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