The Union of the Bride and Bridegroom

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Holy Spirit descends upon Yeshua during the baptism. At the sane time, a prophet appears to Mary, the implication being that this a; -pearance occurs in the visionary dimension, just as the image of a dove of light descending on Yeshua was a vision beheld by John. Yeshua experiences the temptation by Satan in the wilderness as he struggles to integrate the light-presence that has entered into him. While Yeshua is wrestling with Satan, Mary is struggling against seven demons—bo ' 1 experience an extreme internal conflict. Yeshua performs his first wonder-working act and, according to the Sophian Gospel, Mary enters into the Holy Land at the same time—the two events being intimately connected in the inner dimensions. There is a great mystery transpiring within and behind the appes: ance of Lord Yeshua and Lady Mary,- yet this great mystery is not isolated to them. While the Gospel points to this great mystery transpiring between them, at the same lime it points to this great mystery transpiring within and behind the appearance of all of us.

As much as Mary is intimately connected to the events occurring with Yeshua and vice versa, on an inner level so also are we intimately connected to these events. This is the key message of the Gosp . whether taken in the context of orthodox and fundamental Christie 1 teachings or the more mystical and esoteric teachings of Gnostic Christianity. Perhaps we are speaking of events that occurred in space-time, or perhaps we are talking about events that occurred on an inner level beyond space-time. In truth, in actual mystical experience, the distinc tion between what is external and historical and what is internal and spiritual vanishes completely. Interestingly enough, in such moments.

I. Path of self-transformation leading to union with the divine, founded upon a dynamic interaction of male and female energies

If St. Mary Magdalene is the soul mate of Lord Yeshua, then, like Yeshna, she is also a soul of a very high grade, or what some might call an "old soul," and like Yeshua, she previously entered into the enlightenment experience in past lives. She is a light-bearer manifest in female form, just as Yeshua is a light-bearer manifest in male form. The purpose of the divine revelation that transpires through Yeshua and Mary is to reflect the holy soul and light-presence that is in us, so that we might seek to recognize and realize it. The image of Lord Yeshua and Lady Mary, according to Gnostic Christianity, is the image of our own true selves as men and women—hence true manhood and true womanhood. In the eyes of Sophians, the need for an image of the Chris ted woman is quite obvious—how can we speak of the salvation of both men and women without the image of a Christed person in both male and female form? If there was no image of feminine enlightenment, then the divine revelation would be incomplete.

Here we gain insight into the terms "salvation" and "Savior" as understood by Gnostics. For becoming so strongly identified with name, form, and personal history and so deeply immersed in materialism how would we know the greater truth and light that is in us unless it were demonstrated and shown to us? One who reveals the tnith and light to us is, indeed, a Savior. The path through which we are able to realize the Spirit and light is the salvation of the soul from its bondage. It is in this context that Gnostics use the terms "Savior" andi'salvation," and in Sophian Gnosticism the term "Savior" indicates both Lord Yeshua and Lady Mary and, yet more, the light-presence realized within oneself. Thus, being "saved" is the remembrance of who and what one truly is: a person of light who comes from the light-continuum, akin to the story told of St. Mary Magdalene. It does not matter how immersed in darkness or the material world one might have become, this is the truth of the soul of light within oneself, the recognition and realization of which will set one free. This is the "good news" of the Gnostic Gospel!


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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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