The Power of the Lightpresence

It is quite possible that we may know the reasons for our failures, yet not have the strength to prevent them. However, this is merely a wc.-.kness in tne outer personality and life-display, a limitation on the surface. The iight-power in us is not so limited. If we can shift our consciousness inward to ident;;> ourselves with the light-presence a d light-continuum, and if we adhere to the principles of the Spirit of truth, such as honesty, openness, kindness, generosity, fairness, compassion, .tnd patience, then we will acquire the strength and power ve formerly lacked. We must seek to live according to the taith and light of the Christ self, and consistently practice the principles of divine being, until we gain the knowledge and power necessary for perfect success. In so doing, we will find that it is basically the same process we used as a little child to acquire all our fundamental skills without any thought of failure, though as a child we did so unconsciously.

This method will work only for positive motives, not for negati ? or dark motivations. Negativity itself is the general cause of much fail ure and misfortune, and it is the way people typically disempower themselves. If you consciously apply the principles for the perfection of success in any given field, you will be amazed how rapidly you can learn the conditions necessary to succeed. With consistent effort and persistence, anyone can attain perfect success if all of their motive s, values, and attitudes are positive. Perhaps one might not experience an absolute one hundred percent success in a given area, but any increase beyond fifty percent would certainly be an amazing rate of success. As a greater part of ones daily activities are encompassed more and more by this practice, one's ratio of success will increase to higher and higher levels.

In this practice you will discover the operation of a fundamental truth: To the degree one develops an interior life and attains an inner mastery, ¡he circumstances in one's life change correspondingly Veil u?i!l discover within yourself a great light-power, and that, with this divine presence and power, you become the master of your own destiny. This is the essential teaching of Yeshua Messiah and the foundation of the Gnostic Gospel.

inner mastery has the power to control outer circumstances. We set this quite clearly with the Great Masters. We also see this to various degrees in the lives of men and women who exercise some modicum of self-discipline and devotion in their chosen field of human endeavor and who, to some extent, actually live within and guide their exterior life from an interior center. If we dedicate ourselves to going within, to living within, and to the development of a mastery of the mind, heart, and life, perfection of success is guaranteed. By practicing perfect success in one area of our lives and gradually extending it into other areas of our lives, it will serve quite naturally to develop an inner center of consciousness and generate the presence of awareness. Our consciousness and life will be more integrated and organized, and we will experience a spontaneous reorientation on the light-presence in us. The result is that we will find all spiritual forces will naturally and spontaneously move in harmony with us. and we will experience a flow of blessings and grace—true good fortune.

Here we can share a seciet key to pcrfcct success. Any action fully consecrated and dedicated to the divine will he taken up and accomplished by the divine power Likewise, any action in harmony with the divine intention in us iv.'.i be a complete and perfect success. This is absolutely certainl

As we go within and live within, as we learn to uplift the vibratory frequency of our consciousness, more and more we will experience our soul of light and communion with the Living Yeshua. To the degree we dare to dream, and aspire, and to open and surrender ourselves to the divine presence and power, it will move with. in. and through us, and will ultimately manifest as us, taking up our personality and life-display completely. From a Gnostic Christian perspective, this is the supreme success of human life—the divine embodied in a human being and a human being becoming more than human.

Among Sophians this is the true aim of perfect success.

Any activity we consecrate and offer up to the divine, inviting the divine presence and power into it and seeking to have the divine intention accomplished through it, at the point we exhaust all of our own effort and energy, divine grace will take up the activity and complete it perfectly. Oftentimes we will find that divine grace will bring about a greater fruition and success than we ever dreamed possible. This is equally true on all levels of activity—material, psychic and spiritual.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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