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Jesus is the Greek name of the Master that has bccome popular on account of orthodox traditions of Christianity. Among Jewish and Gnostic Christians, the name Ytihua is commonly used, which is Aramaic and is derived from the Hebrew name Joshua. Aran ,tc is the language the teacher and his disciples actually spoke. This is the name the disciples used for the teacher, and it is the name by which he would have referred to himself. By using this name, we draw ourselves closer to the divine presence and power manifest in the first circle and, specifically, we draw ourselves closer to the Anointed (Messiah).

In the Gospels thai appear in the Bible and the letters written by apostles, we are told that there is power in the name of Yeshua and that in speaking this name this power flows through us. In the name of Yeshua, dark spirits are said to be banished, illness an ' His-ease are healed, all manner of wonders occurs, and people experience the power of God. The questions arise, "What is the meaning of the name Yeshua. and v.-hat is the power of the name?" A study of the name Yeshua from Hebrew and Aramaic provides an answer to this question. In Hebrew, the name is very specific and, in fact, contains secret knowledge (gnosis).

Essentially, Yeshua (niC?"') ¡s the primary name for the divine in the Old Testament, which is Yahivch (111"''), with the addition of the Hebrew le.ter Shin (2?). In the Kabbalah Yahweh is called the Great Name oi God, and in the Judaic tradition is considered so holy that it is not spoken out loud. Even when the temple stood in Jerusalem, this holy name was no. spoken except by the high priest once a year in the holy of holies. Mystics would use this name to enter into prophetic states of consciousness under certain conditions, and in private, but it was never spoken by ordinary individuals. It is this divine name that is addressed by the lurd commandment, in which it is written. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord (Yahweh) your God . . ."'

Yeshua literally means "Yahweh delivers." Referring to Yahweh as a "mme' is actually deceptive. In the first place, it is mors akin to a designation than a proper name, in the second place, it is not actually a noun, bu a verb. Yahweh literally means, That which was, is and forever shall be." This may be taken to indicate divine being; yet it also connotes something like the "force,'' or life-power, and the idea of a continuum, a term played upon heavily by Christian Gnostics. The word Yah we i connotes the Spirit of truth or the truth o: life, la terms of force and continuum, it alludes to a force in the unmanifest state as well as a force in manifestation—hence the force unmoved and the force set in motion. One cannot help but think of the outpouring of liKht and energy from the sun and stars when contemplating this holy name of God. The use of Yahweh as a "name" suggests that this force is also intelligence. Hence, it indicates a consciousness-force or energy-inte'.ligence.

1. Exodus 20:7

The name Yeshua therefore implies that knowledge of this consciousness* force liberates the soul, or as it is frequently put, "The truth will set you free." The Hebrew letter that is added to the name Yah-weh to produce the name, the letter Shin, is significant. It is the Hebrew letter most commonly associated with the Holy Sj. ;t or Holy Shekinah, which is the divine presence and power ol God ■ '.Win and beyond creation. Appearing in the name of Yeshua, it implies an embodiment of the divine presence and power and, specifically, an awakening of the consciousness-force within an individual. . • js, "knowledge (gnosis) of the truth" comes by way of the embodiment ol the spirit of truth, which is a state of self-realization.

Basically, the name of the teacher actually means a state of divhe illumination—enlightenment—that liberates the soul. This is the pc.wer in the name of Yeshua, the power of the soul that is consciously united with the One life-power (God). In the teachings of Gnostic Chris .Canity, the name Yeshua is the truth of any realized or enlightened individual and is not isolate to the great Teacher who has come to be k ov/n by this name. The closer we are to this truth and light—this enlightenment—the more powerful the nan . of Yeshua is when we speak it.

Throughout the remainder of this book we will use this version jf the Master's name to remind us of this most essential truth within us, which is the "secret" knowledge at the heart of Christian Gnosticism. Every time this blessed name appears, remember that there is powi.r n this name because the life-power (God's presence and power) is in you!

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