The Mystical Journey

As one learns to go within, to live within, and to abide as the silent witness, it is truly remarkable. One leaves the tumult of the surface consciousness behind. Going deeper within, one finds a center of peace and joy that is beyond pain and pleasure, illness and health, and even life and death. The deeper one is able to go within, the more the presence of awareness widens and deepens to include all movements of consciousness in what can onl\ be described as a luminous and spacious field of awareness. Even the dualities of life's experiences are united into an integral whole in this presence of awareness, so that sadness and happiness, light and darkness, and such are no longer disconnected from one another. They weave the great tapestry of life, producing a state of awe and wonder at the harmony and deep meaning of it all. There is an innate sense of beauty, holiness, and connectedness.

It is quite curious, because one finds that concentration of consciousness leads to an expansion of consciousness and that, with tile widening, the presence of awareness pervades every aspect and level of one's own consciousness; the inside and outside are joined together as an integral whole. As the presence of awareness deepens and expands, one will find that not only does it include the whole of oneself, but also that one will experience the tnith of everyone and everything within consciousness, as though the mind, heart, and life extend through the whole of creation. Thus, various mystical experiences occur, and higher states of consciousness dawn. Along with faith, hope, and love, one finds that knowledge, understanding, and wisdom also arise. This presence of awareness becomes a state of Gnostic being (knowing being).

Going inward, we also turn upward. Just as we go within by way of the intention to do so, likewise we invoke the descent of a force from above simply by way of a consciousness intention. Abiding as the silent witness, we merely allow ourselves to be open and sensitive and turn our attention "upward,'' seeking to experience the movement of divine grace, which is a light-force that comes from above, awakening a fiery light within us. In this way, we find that the Presence of awareness becomes a distinct light-presence—the experience of the Living Yeshua.

Going within, it is quite natural that our consciousness opens to the inner dimensions and spiritual world. Divine visions may well transpire. We might glimpse heavenly abodes and divine beings, and we might experience visitations of prophets, apostles, and angels of God. Likewise, we might have visions of the Divine Mother, Lord Yeshua, and the Holy Bride. Yet, our experience could be one of increasingly higher and more refined states of consciousness, having little, if anything, to do with stereotypical ideas of divine vision. Much will depend upon our own nature and temperament, and upon the development and evolution of our soul-being as a u ¡que individual. No one can really say how the self-realization process will unfold for another person. It truly is different for each person.

Psychic and spiritual gifts are not uncommon side effects of the self-realization process, any more than radiant and heavenly visions. Yet such things are secondary to the Gnostic initiate. The aims of the Gnostic are enlightenment, liberation, and the sacred heart of love and compassion, which is the natural expression of any authentic self-realization. The sense of self does not vanish in this process. Rather, it smiply expands to include everyone and everything, even God and the Godhead. This is well reflected in the "I am" sayings of Master Yeshua, which take on a universal meaning that transcends himself to include creation and God.

How far our experience will unfold is completely dependent on how deeply we immerse ourselves in the interior life, and the degree to which we actively surrender to the light-presence and allow it to take up our personality and life-display—hence, the degree to which we embody our soul of light. We can involve ourselves as little or as much as we ike, whether seeking a basic spirituality in our lives or a full and true self-realization in Messianic consciousness. As for the Christ presence, if we go and live within, turning inward and upward with con scious intent, we will experience it, more or less, to the degree we draw ourselves near unto the Living Yeshua in our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

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End of Days Apocalypse

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