The IThought

Spiritual attainment is a fundamental transformation of the I-thought from a separate, limited, and contracted identity into an expansive, abundant, and infinite one. It is a transition from viewing oneself as a limited and ordinary mortal individual to a self-identity with fully evolved and realized being, consciously unified with the eternal. Thus, it is a movement from the sense of separation to union, which is called Yichud in Hebrew and Yoga in Sanskrit.

From the Scphian per . ective, it is not that we are seeking to eradicate the sense of self. Rather, we are seeking to expand and deepen it, so that the sense oi self encompasses everyone and everything, and we are conscious oi our complete interconnection and interdependence with .1 life. This, by nature, is the realization of the Christ self, which is our true self. Quite naturally, with this expanding and deepening of the sense of self, we discover an identity that is selfless in nature, simultaneously a perfect unity and a multiplicity of being-consciousness-force. It is from such an inner realization that a state of self-transcendence is experienced and the selfless individual comes into being. In essence, it is not a denial and oppression of our selfishness,- rather, it is the discovery of the truth of self.

One of the first steps in this process of self-realization is observing and understanding the inherently fragmented and chaotic nature of our surface consciousness: our ordinary and outer self. Through this observation, a very practical integration and harmony can be established. However, first we must learn to go within and become the silent witness—suspending all self-judgment to merely look and see what is transpiring within and around us.

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