The Earthly Mother

Another common invocation heard in the Sophian tradition is, "Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, Spiritual Sun and Holy Spirit." and this points to specific teachings that appear in the oral tradition. According to these teachings nature is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, wh; h continuously labors to bring about higher and more refined forms of life—hence the revelation of the Spiritual Sun or Christos in life. Likewise, nature and this organism called earth, are viewed as the manifestation of Mother Sophia—the Earthly Mother through whom we gain gnosis of our Heavenly Father.

In Sophian teachings, one hears of the Heavenly Father and his angels, the luminous and divine beings experienced in the visionary dimension Yet one also hears of our Earthly Mother and her angels, which represent the presence and power of God in nature and the earth. These angels are visible to us all, and everyone can equally experience them. They are every force and phenomenon in nature and tr.e whole of life. In much the same way as in Native American spirituality, the angels of ot.r Earthly Mother include the animal people—all creatures of the earth. This is a very powerful teaching, because as much as seeking the development of consciousness beyond the body, the Sophian Gnostic

Tk- Holy One, God the Father, and God the Mother

cultivates a Holy awareness of walking within Cod's presence and power in every moment of life, here and now. To the Sophian, Cod is not only known and experienced "above' in the heavens and world-to-come. God is experienced in the present moment, here in this world, throughout life. In the Sophian vision of God, while experiencing God's presence inwardly, we are experiencing Cods presence in everything around us.

Thus, prayer and meditation in nature and upon nature is common among Sophians. Within mountains and streams, oceans and deserts, and all of the environments of the earth, Sophians feel they experience angels of the Earthly Mother and experience her. Likewise, akin to native peoples in many lands, Sophians feel that the Earthly Mother speaks to them through creatures, and through every circumstance, situation. and event of life as it unfolds. This leads to a very balanced spiritual practice and life,- for as much as Sophian initiates strive for transcendence, the . also seek to be fully present in life and to know God in all things.

Contemplating teachings on the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother one cannot help but recall the Beatitude, "Blessed ...e the pure in heart, for they will see God."* In this light, it relates not only to "seeing" or experiencing God in the afterlife, but to experiencing God here and now in this life. One also cannot help but be reminded of all of the parables Yeshua spoke, and how many of them reflect a communion with the Earthly Mother as much as with the Heavenly Father.

From the Sophian perspective, on every level of our being and consciousness. we truly live, move and have all of our experience in God, and it is the realization of this which is enlightenment and liberation. Tine whole message of the Gospel is that the kingdom of God is within and all around us; we merely need to have the eyes to see it, and thus to live in it. What arc these eyes? They are eyes of holy awe and wonder, and it is to this end rhnt Sophians speak of the Earthly Mother and her holy angels.

4 Gospel of St Matthew 5 &

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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