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Although the essence and nature of consciousness is very simple, the manifestation of consciousness is very complex. There are various levels of consciousness, such as the mental, the vital, and the physical. Within these levels, there are various gradations, ranging from the ordinary state of consciousness to universalized states of cosmic consciousness. There are outer and inner manifestations of every level, and within ant: beyond these various levels and gradations is the supernal or supramen-tal consciousness.

Humans are metadimensional beings. What we perceive on the surface is an extremely limited percentage of our actual being and consciousness. As the saying goes, there is much more us than meets the eye. Thus, from the perspective oi the conscious nund on the surface the vast majority of being is subconscious and superconscious, which is to say beneath and beyond our ordinary perception. Our ordinary consciousness and our lives are essentially the manifestation of this greater being-consciousness-force that is hidden within and behind what appears. It is from a subconscious and superconscious level that everything manifests. Ultimately, everything is transpiring in consciousness, whether internal or external phenomena.

In orthodox and fundamental forms of Christianity, the magical display of Master Yeshua is taken as proof that he was "the only begotten Son of God' in a literal context, as though the wonders he performed were meant merely to convince us of a savior external to ourseives. From a Gnostic perspective, however, that was not the point to his wonderworking ministry at all. Rather, ministry was to reveal to us the great creative and manifesting power that is in us and to demonstrate that everything is a phenomenon in consciousness, even the material body and material world. If one reads and studies the Gospels closely, one will see that Yeshua makes it perfectly clear that, with "faith," anything be comes possible and, likewise, that there is a potential in us to "do even greater things" than we have seen him do.

With every thought, feeling, daydream, word, and action, we are speaking to a deeper level of ourselves. It is that level of ourselves that gives birth to us moment to moment,- it orchestrates and manifests the circumstances, situations, and events of our lives—the whole of oui experience, whether in life, dream, or afterlife states. Everything is the radiant display oi our own consciousness and depend. upon what we invoke with our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, and the play of our desires and fears. Things tend to manifest as we expect them to on a subconscious level, whether according to the purity of our desire or tainted and distorted by fear or other forms of self-negativity. From a Gnostic perspective, to believe in Christ and God is to believe in this creative ai.d manifesting power within oneself—for one is, in fact, a center of this One life-power and a co-creator with God. One might say that Gnostics teach that God is creating with, in, and through us, and that as much as God is beyond us, God is within us as individuals.

This realization can prove quite awesome and wonderful and can certainly be liberating. Yet it is also somewhat frightening and dreadful So iong as we remain bound to cosmic ignorance, what we tend to manifest is at best sorely admixed and is at worst outright negative and dark. This is perfectly reflected in the second saying of the Gospel of St. Thomas in which Yeshua says: "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled, when he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the all."

Truth be told, at the outset of the spiritual path there is a great deal of impurity and distortion in our consciousness, and our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds are not necessarily all that clear, luminous, and positive. There is much that is quite negative and counterproductive, and on the surface, our minds, hearts, and lives are net in accord with the soul of light and inner Christ self. To shift from negativity to a positive manifestation, we must withdraw our attention from the surface, go within, and abide as a silent witness, without attachment or aversion. Then, using spiritual affirmation and creative visualization, we can direct our minds, hearts, and lives toward what is completely positive and use this great power in us to re-vrsion and re-create ourselves and our lives based upon the truth and light. As Yeshua makes clear, however, we must have faith in this creative and manifesting power in us. We must make a consistent and constant effort towards completely positive thoughts, emotions, words., and actions. If we are willing to perform this divine labor, then, indeed, we can experience a radical change in our consciousness through true healing—a conscious unifica.ion with the divine "I am."

The Name of Goct and Affirmations

As we previously mentioned, the essential name of God according to . Kabbalah is Eheieh, which means "1 am" or "I shall be." In the Gospels, Lord Yeshua frequently makes use of this divine name in the process u. giving teachings and initiations. In the context he uses it, ht is speaking of the Christos within ¡self and within us. He uses "I am statements to affirm a higher state of consciousness and unification with God, the life-power—hence, affirmations of enlightenment and liberation. His use of it is a clear and conscious intention.

In truth, we are using this powerful divine name all of the time, though typically we tend to do so in an unconscious manner. According to Gnostic teachings, every time we say "1 am this" or "I am that," or we say to someone "you are this" or "you arc that," we are drawing upon the power of this holy name. Among Gnostic Christians, this name is considered most sacred and holy. We are taught to be conscious and very careful how we use it, because every time we think or speak it, we are communicating vith that deeper part of us from which ourselves and ou; lives are manifesting. Whenever it is used in a negative context towards ourselves or others, essentially it is a destructive act that undermines our self-realization and our prosperity, success, health, and happiness. Thus, Christian Gnostics strive to use this powerful name of God in a completely positive context, and this constitutes a practice of spiritual affirmation which is founded upon going within, living within, and the silent witness.

This deeper part of us is, in effect, outside of space-time, the linear flow of temporal events on the surface. Thus, when we phrase an affirmation to this deeper part of us, we must do so in the present tense, not the past or future tense. "I am" rather than "I shall be" is therefore used in the science of affirmation, because it is the present and invokes swift and immediate response from this deeper place in ys. In this process you cannot force an immediate change. Change does not happen by demand but by gentle and consistent suggestion, like water wearing away the stone. Thus, mentally focusing on an affirmation and verbalizing it, you typically repeat the affirmation a number of times—seven or more times in a row. You would do this as many times as possible throughout the day and simply allow any negativity that might arise to pass away, without grasping at it or pushing it away, and counter the negativity with the affirmation. As you practice affirmation, you would do so with complete faith and confidence that it will come to pass as you speak it, knowing that divine grace will enter and accomplish everything good if you create the necessary conditions for grace to ac;.

Along with speaking the affirmation you are working with, you can also write it down and post it in places where you will see it and be reminded of it throughout the day. Every time you see it, you can take a moment to center yourself and verbalize it. If the affirmation deals with a critical matter, you could even write a letter to yourself based o.; the affirmation, and actually mail it to yourself. When the letter arrives, open it and read it aloud. As strange as this might sound, very magical results have often happened through this reinforcing method. Rather than give a complex explanation of why this can be so powerful, I'd merely suggest a person try it ar.d see what happens. Just be certain that the letter is completely affirming and pos tive and is written to yourself as though to another spiritual brother-or sister that you are seeking to affirm, inspire, and encourage.

Affirmations can be developed for both mundane and spiritual purposes. Indeed, they can be used to manifest anything in any area of your life. We can give a few examples of affirmations, but ultimately, affirmations that you create for yourself, using your own way of speaking, are more powerful then those someone else might create. The only exception is a charged or consecrated phrase that ?. realized individual might generate specifically for a close disciple, or an affirmation that bears the psychic charge from generations of initiates using it.

I am a person of light who comes from the light-continuum,- darkness cannot harm me. I am a beautiful person and deserve a good lover. I am a holy person,- I walk in beauty and holiness, and the Lord is with me.

I am successful in all that I do and nothing is impossible for me. I am a radiant and divine being, and there is healing power in me. 1 am competent at my job and I excel at what I do. I am a traveler in the world and a light-bearer,- I abide in the supernal abode.

I am a caring and loving parent,- the universe supports me and my children.

1 am inseparable from divine being and the light-presence is in me I am an excellent student and tests are a breeze to me. I am visited by luminous beings and constantly surrounded by light and love.

These are examples or affirmations. Of course, there is no end to the affirmations that can be created, and certainly no limit to the various needs and desires to which they may be applied. Along with the use ol spiritual affirmation, initiates strive to cultivate positive thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds in their daily living. Hence, they labor to live an affirming life. If you apply the science of affirmation in a completely positive and uplifting way for yourself and others, then you will find that more blessings than those you have invoked will transpire in your life. You will experience an increasing flow of divine assistance and grace.

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