Soul of the Lightbearer

On the most basic level, from a Gnostic perspective, the purpose of the divine incarnation is the revelation of who and what we most truly are in oar inmost being—revelation of the person oi light and the light-continuum. Unless this truth was made known to us, how would the bonds of cosmic ignorance be broken? If we were not shown the image oi our true self, how could we be empowered to activate our divine potential and consciously aspire to attain Christ consciousness? From the Gnostic point of view Yeshua does not come to redeem us from sin but rather to redeem us from cosmic ignorance—thus to impart true gnosis.

Tine image and likeness of God is not the physical body. It is the soul f light—the essence and nature of our being-consciousness-force. Thus, a "human being" is any self-aware and intelligent life form, w' ether resembling what we call humsn or not. According to Sophian teachings, human beings exist within many world-systems in creation, and there are literally countless millions of world-systems in the universe in which life-forms evolve. Wherever human beings emerge, which is to say self-aware and intelligent lire-forms, the taith of the soul of ii 'ht is revealed by way of an incarnation of the light-presence— hence the divine incarnation of the Christos. This light-transmission

7. Gospel of St john 3:11

is said to pass from one world-system to another. Essenti-ally, souls from elder races that have been Christed, or enlightened, transmigrate to incarnate in life-waves of humankind in younger worlds, becoming I j i -bearers to new races and worlds. .

While this may sound strange to some people, basically the same idea appears in many world wisdom traditions, such as in Eastern traditions which speak of the numerous buddhas* and avatars' who incat-nate in the world to teach the path to enlightenment, in one form or another. According to Sophian teachings, the soul of Master Yeshua is among the most significant and influential light-bearers to appear on earth, and the soul was previously Christed in another world before in carnation in the human iife-wave on earth. Thus, from a Gnostic perspective, what is meant by Christ extends far beyond the name "Christian." It includes various revelations of the truth and light that have occurred in our world, as well as in elder races of other worlds. In thi: sense, Christ as envisioned by Sophians is truly universal or cosmic, while aiso being unique and individual in the person of Yeshua Messiah. As pointed out by Jay G. Williams, Yeshua Messiah could well be called "Yeshua Buddha",'0 as the meaning is fundamentally the same, "his idea is perfectly harmonious to the meaning of Christ or Messiah among Sophian Gnostics and many other Gnostic Christian traditions

When a great soul comes from among the elder races, specifically from the divine order of the light-continuum, and incarnates among us, he or she becomes fully human and takes up the karma of the human race on earth. Though the soul may have attained Christ consciousness previously, entering into the life-wave of humankind on earth, he or she must embark upon the sacred quest and labor to attain Christ consciot:-,-ness as though for the first time. The powerful influence of having previously been enlightened makes it most likely that Christ consciousness will be realized once again. Yet it requires heroic effort, for once again

8. Enlightened beings

9. Incarnations of divine beings

10 Yeshua Biitidbit: An Interpretation of New Testament Theology as Meaningful Myth (Wheaton, IL The Theosophical Publishing House, 1978)

the sou! becomes bound to physical incarnation and the cycles of reincarnation until restored to a self-realized state. Even the most enlightened being is not born into the world enlightened but, like everyone born in the world, must labor to recognize and realize the soul of light and embody the Spirit of truth. Typically speaking, such a holy soul will experience a series of incarnations in the new race, through the process of which the soul will progressively unfold its self-realization. In so doing, the self-realization process is seeded into the collective consciousness of the new race and the light-presence (Christos) is brought into the conscious awareness of the race, whether or not all believe in the Christ.

According to the teachings of the Sophian tradition, this was also ;rue of the soul Incarnate as Yeshua. His soul came from another world, from among the elder races, to be a light-bearer to our \ orld,- his soul passed through a series of incarnations, the incarnation as Master Yeshua being the fruition of the process. Contrary to orthodox teachings, he was not born enlightened. He became Christed through spiritual practice and spiritual living. Like any sincere taith-seeker, he received a spiritual education and relied upon spiritual guides from whom he received teachings and initiations. His soul was. indeed, a great soul, yet first and foremost he was human. Yeshtia entertained the self-realization process as a human being, becoming a teacher and example to all who seek to follow him.

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