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Keys to the Kingdom Jesus & the Mystic Kabbalah

Was Jesus a master Kabbalist? Are Jesus' teachings based on Kabbalism? How do the Ten Commandment:' tie into the Tree of Life? Is the Lord's Prayer a Kabbalist invocation? Migene González-Wippler reveals secrets of the Bible nnd the life of Jesus in her intriguing introduction to the Christian Kabbalah.

Emphasizing Christ, ;n aspects, Keys to the Kingdom presents an easy-to-read overview of the Kabbalah, describing its major principles and historical elements. Drawing on the gospels and historical records, González-Wippler examines Jesus as a man and a teacher, providing convincing evidence—based on historical and traditional Jewish law—that Jesus was a master Kabbalist... as well as the Messiah.


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Las llaves del reino

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The Kabbalah Tree

A Journey of Balance & Growth

The Kabbalah Tree

A Journey of Balance & Growth

Rachel Pollack

Kabbalah's most famous symbol, the Tree of Life, has become the organizing principle behind our human efforts to understand the world. Using Hermann Haindl's lush depiction of the Tree of Life, Rachel Pollack examines the message behind this ancient symbol. She takes a nondenominational approach— drawing upon unusual sources such as tribal and shamanic traditions, modern science, contemporary Kabbalists, tarot interpreters, and a comic book writer—to explore the Tree's meaning. Along the way, we learn more abo.a Kabbalah's history, texts, mystical concepts, and why this esoteric tradition has sprung up again in the twenty-first century.


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Pagans 8c Christians


77;r Personal Spiritual Experience

Gus diZerega, Ph.D.



Pagans and Christians have been polarized within the spiritual landscape for two millennia. Recent media reports even talk of efforts by the Christian Right to boycott the U.S. Army for allowing Wiccan soldiers to practice their religion. There is no better time for Western civilization's most prominent religion and humanity's oldest religion to enter into intelligent and respectful dialogue.

Providing something tor Pagans and Christians alike. Dr. diZerega presents an important and original contribution for contemporary interfaith understanding. For Pagans, his book deepens the discussion of Paganism's theological and philosophical implications, penetrating its inner truths and examining the reasons for its modern growth For Christians, it demystifies Paganism, offering respectful answers to the most common criticisms levelled at Pagan beliefs and practices.


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