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There is a curious story in the Gospels of a man possessed by demons, who runs up to Lord Yeshua in a fit, frightened by the light-presence in him. When Yeshua asks the demon its name, the demon responds, ''We are Legion, for we are many." It is rather ironic from a Gnostic perspective, because when we go within and become the silent witness, the first thing we notice is that our consciousness is fragmented and divided against itself, as though there is a legion of "I-thoughtS:" desires and fears all striving against one another. We see that we are fragmented and yet deeply desire a continuity and wholeness of being: we find that we are sorely distracted and yet deeply yearn to be concentrated; we find ourselves scattered and confused, yet we want to be gathered and clear. At first it is somewhat frustrating and troubling. The key is to remain the silent witness, just observing without attachment or aversion.

In this scattered condition, what we notice is that we give sanction to the personality-display to react to whatever is happening in the surface consciousness outside of ourselves, and that we tend to live in a state of unconscious reaction or habitual patterns. We talk about "my" likes and dislikes, "my" feelings and emotions, "my" thoughts and opinions, "my" grief and pain, and the 1-thought becomes enfeebled and absorbed in all of these movements, and is compelled by them. From one mind-moment to another, the I-thought becomes involved in this or that personal drama, or absorbed in some compulsive and unconscious action, or in some obscure anxiety or restlessness, without end. From one moment to the next, the mind is constantly changing, and what is astonishing is that one finds no continuity of self at all. Basically speaking, whatever the passing mind-moment is, the l-thought unconsciously identifies with it and essentially becomes it. Yet taily, all of these phenomena of thoughts, feelings-emotions and daydreams are spectral in nature, having no real substance. They are all really little nothings.

Fragmented in this way. we wander from our own center. We wander so far that we even forget that we have a center of being amidst the tu mult of the surface consciousness. When our attention is given over ro the surface consciousness and we are living in reaction or when our attention is being dominated by something we lose contact with the source and center within. Our attention thus becomes a passive agent of the lower, bestial nature and ail manner of psychic and spiritual influences coming from the outside. Attention or awareness is a most sacred faculty. However, when left to whatever pulls it this way and that way, in effec., it has no power of its own,- it is completely dominated unconsciously. According to Gnostic teachings, if this presence of awareness is not reclaimed, cultivated, and refocused through an intimate association with will and love, a human is not fully a human being, not yet an authentic individual. Yet, the moment we engage our capacity as the silent witness, we begin to generate this presence of awareness, and we discover a deeper center of being.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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