Enlightened Selfishness

W'n3t we are talking about may be called "-»nlightened selfishness," which cultivates the sense of sen along a very different line than that of the unenlightened condition. In the unenlightened condition, we practice a selfishness that seeks our own prosperity, success, health, and happiness apart from any genuine concern for the welfare and well-being of others. However, by going within and living within, we discover our innate interdependence and interconnection with others, with life, and with divine being. Thus, we realize our own prosperity, success, health, and happiness are completely integral with the welfare and well-being of others. It becomes quite impossible to seek ou own self-interests separate and apart from the interests of others, or in p.nv way at the expense of others. The truth is, if we want to be truly selfish, we must equally consider the needs of others and seek to fulfill them in the process of fulfilling our own needs. Only this leads to any real prosperity, success, health, and happiness, it is this that draws us near to the Living Yeshua.

Awareness of our interdependence and interconnection cannot be contrived. It must be recognized and realized inwardly. We cannot merely seek to become selfless because of any religious creed or dogma imposed upon us from the outside. The light of love and compassior must shine from within us, and we must actually realize that our owr self-interests are intimately interwoven with the welfare and well-being of others. In this awareness, there is nothing wrong with our sense of self and., in the self-realized state, this sense of self does not vanish. Rather, we understand what true selfishness is, which quite naturally becomes selfless when we know the truth of self. According to Gnostic Christianity, the tiuth of self is the divine "I am"—the self that includes the whole of creation and divine being. This realization is at the heart of the Gnostic Gospel, and it is the aim of the Gnostic path.

This view of the divine self leads to two logical extensions of basic spiritual pi .ice in the Sopnian tradition: The science of spiritual affirmation and art of creative visualization, and the practice of perfect success. We will now turn our attention to these as we continue our exploration of the most basic and practical level of Gnostic spirituality.

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End of Days Apocalypse

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