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The practice of spiritual affirmation is further empowered by the use of creative visualization. That deeper pan of ourselves works more with images and emotions than with thoughts and words. Tnus, visualization is part of spiritual practice in virtually all mystical traditions, including

Gnostic Christianity. In the Sophian tradition, this art is commonly applied to entering into conscious contact and communion with great masters and angelic beings, but it is also used in conjunction with spiritual affirmations to manifest specific circumstances, situations and events in ourlives—hence, in both a spiritual and practical context.

Essentially, creative visualization is a conscious use of our faculty of imagination and daydreaming, so that rather than randomly wandering here and there, the power of our creative imagination is completely focused on what we wish to manifest. The key is complete concentration on the visualization in a relaxed but alert way, envisioning exactly what you wish to occur in as detailed and clear a form as possible. This can include sound, smell, taste, and touch, as well as sight, so that it is as though it is actually happening in your mind. The greater the detail, the clearer the visualization. The more concentrated and involved you are. the greater the power of the visualization to actually bring about the manifestation of what you desire.

Creative visualization is an art. Like any art, it takes practice to gain skill at it. Yet, everyone is capable of creative visualization. In fact, everyone does it every day, only many people are unconscious of it. We all have daydreams. We are all able to visualize things familiar to us, and we certainly all have very vivid sexual fantasies! Creative visualization is merely an evolution of our creative imagination, based upon the recognition that the imagination is far more than idle fantasy. It is actually a manifesting power. According to Christian Gnostic teachings, affirmation and creative visualization were the foundation of the great wonders Yeshua performed, and a significant pan of the spiritual practice he taught to his disciples.

We can now consider a logical extension of affirmation and creative visualization which is used by Sophian initiates for success in both spiritual and material matters, the principles of which can be applied for success in any human endeavor. It is called the Practice of Perfect Success.


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