Many adepts and masters from various wisdom traditions of the world have spoken about the times in which we are living and have indicated that we are in a time of crossroads for humanity, perhaps even something of an evolutionary crisis for our species and world. Watching events that are transpiring in the world and the trends we are setting in motion by our reactions, one cannot help but wonder what kind of future we are invoking, nor can one exactly argue with those who feel that these times are dark and perverse. Yet, truly, we are living in a precious time. As much as there may be darkness moving in our world, so also is there a great light set in motion.

Indeed! While many things may seem uncertain as we move into the twenty-first century, and there may be a potential for greater darkness and horror, at the same time, there is equally a potential for greater light and beauty to emerge. In the material world, a greater light becomes possible only alongside a movement of great darkness,- this is the wisdom that realized individuals have shared with us regarding these times. All we have to do to understand this is look back into the times of the Christ revelation some two thousand years ago. The tumultuous times surrounding the events of the Gospel and the darkness thai was moving in the world at that time were integral to the divine revelation. As it was then, so is it now.

These are precious times for many reasons. Of these reasons, what strikes me the most is tlvs: today, more than ever before, secret knowledge and wisdom of diverse traditions are accessible to anyone who desires to receive them. Very powerful spiritual teachings and practices are openly revealed and can be used by anyone willing to take them up and integrate them into their lives This bo> is a perfect example. Previously, the Sophian tradition has functioned as a secret society and was found only by word of mouth. Until the present generation of initiates, it has been exclusively an oral tradition. Unless one actually met an elder or tau arid lived near a Sophian circle, one could not receive teachings and practices of the Sophian tradition. In fact, one would never know that such a Gnostic tradition even existed. This can also be said of other Gnostic and esoteric traditions, traditions of both the East and the West. In terms of the teachings and practices of inner and mystical traditions being available and openly explained and a radical extension of tnith and light, these times are like, no other in our history.

It seems like it is easy to take for granted the incredible privilege we enjoy and the amazing opportunity for radical leaps in a conscious evolution that is present right now in our lifetime. I am often asked as a Gnostic what Gnostics believe about the Judgment; and if I believe we are entering into the times of the Judgment. In general, my answer-is 'Yes, I do.'' I believe we live in a time in which we must choose to invoke and embody the truth and light, and we must make 3 wise judgment tor our future. Rather than live in fear and reaction and focus upon a doom-and-gloom scenario, 1 believe we must focus on a new vision of humanity and the world—envisioning a humanity that becomes more than human, and a world uplifted into the light.

1 do not mean to suggest that we close our eyes to «vhat is transpiring in our orld or put on rose-colored glasses, living in denial, as though darkness and evil will simply go away by ignoring them. No, indeed: That would violate the principles of perfect success. If we are in denial, we cannot go within to work out whatever imperfections or obstructions that might exist in us.

What I am proposing is more akin to an open-eyed optimism ane a conscious response. Instead or liviag in reaction and going along with the herd unconsciously, I am talking about becoming a conscious agent for a greater good in the world—for the divine will and divine kingdom, as Gnostics would say.

One of the greatest dangers we face, perhaps the greatest deception of the demiurgos, is the idea that as individuals we are powerless to bring about a change in our world or ourselves. If we give into this, surely, we become pan of the problem rather than its solution. Greater change can only be brought about by larger collectives of people working together in hannony as one mind and heart fully directed towards a noble ideal. However, such collectives are composed of individuals and are empowered by the individuals of which they are formed. The truth is, what each and every one of us chooses to do matters, and there is an amazing light-power in each and eveiy human being—for better or worse, we are masters oj nir own destiny.

It seems that the present dissemination of esoteric wisdom is meant to remind us that we are the masters of our own destiny and oi the truth and light that is in us, and to give us the knowledge through which we can attain a self-mastery necessary to embodiment of the truth and light. Granted, we are not alone in tiiis process. There certainly is divine assistance available, but it is we who must choose to invoke the divine and to embody the divine. This is a principal message of Grostic Christianity.

In this book I have focused primarily upon spiritual teachings and practices that anyone can take up and use. There is a multitude of spiritual practices in the Sophian tradition, and the teachings of Gnostic Christianity certainly go far beyond those presented here. However, what is given here represents the most basic foundation of teachings of the Sophian tradition and the essence of the spiritual life and practice taught to Sophian initiates. Perhaps the Gnostic path may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, the essential wisdom and basic spiritual practice given in this book should prove useful regardless of the torm one's spiriuiality assumes. If nothing else, maybe it will call to memory the great light-presence within oneself and remind one of the keys through which that light-power is brought forth. This is the essential aim of Gnosticism.

In closing, 1 can say this: If one is willing to cultivate an interior life and to live according to the truth and light revealed in one's own experience, and if one is willing to practice the basic spiritual principles we have discussed, one will be amazed at the divine presence and power one will invoke and embody One can and will become a force for the greater good in the world. This is the promise of the Gnostic Gospel.

Blessings and shalom!

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