Acquiring Gnosis

Acquiring gnosis usually involves a spiritual friendship with a Gnostic elder or tau and receiving esoteric teachings and initiation within a Gnostic community,- in Gnostic traditions, the teacher and community arc a vehicle of the light-transmission. However, the purpose of a Gnostic t;acher and circle are to suppo;'. one's own continuum of spiritual practice and spiritual living, through which one is able to experience th-' Living Yeshua and recognize and realize the light-

14 E<r>c. ience of the Living Yeshua or light-presence presence (Christos) within oneself. Thus, the acquisition of grvs.s and progressive self-realization ultimately comes through consistent spiritual self-discipline, practice, and the integration of one's spirituality to daily living.

Anyone who is willing to engage in actual spiritual practice and spiritual living can enter into the experience of the Living Yeshua .in J consciously evolve him- or herself towards Christ consciousness. 1 his is the most basic message of Gnostic Christianity. The primary intention of this book is not only to share Gnostic perspectives on Christian mysteries, but to encourage and empower the reader in basic and practical applications of Christian Gnosticism—hence to provide a means through which one might acquire Gnosis of the Living Yeshua for oneself.

The Sophian tradition teaches diverse forms of spiritual practice and an in-dep'.h metaphysics, all based upon a Gnostic and Christian Kabbalah. Many of the spiritual practices arc quite sophisticated and complex,- however, all are founded upon very simple and practical things—spiritual practices anyone can do if he or she wishes. Along with an introduction to some Gnostic ideas, hopefully this book --■ ill prove a practical guide to spiritual practice and daily living based upon Gnostic Christian teachings. The basic aim of every Gnostic is to acquire gnosis for him- or herself and to help others who seek taith to acquire gnosis of the Spirit of truth. This is the very nature of the great work.


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