There used to be a group called postmillennialists

No, we're still around. In fact, more and more Christians are becoming convinced of the Biblical basis for an eschatology of dominion all the time. (The reasons for the twentieth-century decline of postmillennialism will be discussed in No. 6, below). As I have indicated at several points in this book, the of dominion is the historic position of the Church. This is not to say that everyone had in mind some specific calendar of events known as "postmillennialism." In fact, it was not regarded as an ism, for the expectation of Christ's dominion over the world through the gospel was just the orthodox Hope - the commonly accepted attitude of Christians.

On the other hand, there WAS a viewpoint which was regarded by most Christians as offbeat - it was always an "ism." From the time of Cerinthus, this was called chiliasm (meaning thousand-year-ism). It is known today as premillennialism, the doctrine that the "Kingdom Age" will not take place until the Second Coming of Christ. This view was always on the fringes of Christianity until it was revived in the nineteenth century by a number of millennialist sects; it finally achieved widespread publicity after the appearance of the Scofield Bible in 1909. Now, however, this ancient ism is being abandoned by many in favor of the majority position of the orthodox Church throughout the ages: the eschatology of dominion.

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