Then after 1000 years of the institutional church reigning on earth

As I showed in Chapters 22 and 24, we do not believe that the Kingdom will last only for 1,000 years. Admittedly, some postmillennialist have believed that a coming period of worldwide peace and blessedness will last for a literal thousand years, but they are definitely in the minority. In fact, out of dozens of outstanding postmillennial teachers in history, I can think of only a couple who held that view. Most have taught that the "millennium" of Revelation 20 is identical with the Kingdom established by Christ at His First Advent.

Mr. Lindsey further states that we believe that "the institutional church" will reign on the earth. I do not quite know what to make of that. I have never heard or read it advocated by anybody. It sounds as if he is saying that we believe Church officers should exercise police powers, or should be in charge of the civil government. In case there are any doubts on that score, let me state categorically that we do not believe that the institu-Church should rule over the State. We do, however, believe that rulers should be Christians, and should apply Biblical principles of justice within their areas of responsibility. The point is not that Church and State are merged into one organization; rather, the point is that Church and State are both under God and the absolute authority of His Word. The Church is the divinely appointed ministry of grace; the State is the divinely appointed ministry of justice. Both receive their commission from the Word of God.

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