26. All of Christ's enemies are gradually being subdued under His reign from heaven. He will remain in heaven until all enemies have been defeated. The last enemy, Death, will be destroyed when He returns. (16)

27. Jesus Christ will return on the Last Day, when the Resurrection and the Last Judgment will take place. (16)

28. The Rapture and the Second Coming will occur together. (16)

29. There will be one Resurrection of all men; the righteous will be raised to everlasting life, and the wicked will be raised to damnation. (16)

30. The primary concern of prophecy is ethical conduct: obedience to God's commands. (17)

31. The Canon of Scripture was closed in a.d. 70, when the Old Covenant passed away. (18)

32. The Book of Revelation is not to be interpreted "futuris-tically"; for its first-century readers, its message was contemporary, and the time of its fulfillment was "at hand." (18)

33. The "Beast" of Revelation was a symbol of both Nero in particular and the Roman Empire in general. (20)

34. The "False Prophet" symbolized the Jewish religious leadership. (20)

35. The "Harlot" symbolized apostate Jerusalem, which had ceased to be the City of God. (21)

36. The "Millennium" is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which He established at His First Advent. (22)

37. The "First Resurrection" is a Spiritual resurrection: our justification and regeneration in Christ. (22)

38. The "thousand years" of Revelation 20 is symbolic for a vast number of years - most likely many thousands. (22, 24)

39. All Christians are priests in this age; all Christians are now seated in the heavenly places in Christ. (22)

40. The New Creation has already begun: The Bible describes our salvation in Christ, both now and in eternity, as "a new heaven and a new earth." (23)

41. The "New Jerusalem," the City of God, is the Church, now and forever. (23)

42. The center of the Christian reconstruction of the world is the Church. The essence of Biblical religion, and the source of Christian culture, is the worship of God. (24)

43. The Church's worship and government are officially recognized in the heavenly Court. When the Church pronounces lawful judgments, they are executed on earth, in history, through God's providential administration of the world. (24)

44. The Christian goal for the world is the universal development of Biblical theocratic republics, in which every area of life is redeemed and placed under the lordship of Jesus Christ and the rule of God's law. (24)

45. The Christian standard for ethics in every area - for individuals, families, businesses, and governments - is Biblical law. The Christian cannot be satisfied with "pluralism," for his calling is to work for the dominion of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom throughout the world. Prosperity for the world will come from Jesus Christ, and from Jesus Christ alone. (24)

How To Survive The End Of The World

How To Survive The End Of The World

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