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Christopher Hallenbeck is the author of the funeral director's treasure map. He is a writer that is based on the writing of eulogies. He wrote and read the eulogy during his grandfather's burial. Since then he has been tasked with the duty of writing eulogies for different families and he decided to take his skill to another level. He became an author and established himself by creating his own publishing company. He also mastered the art of writing obituaries for funerals. His works has helped do may people around the world read great eulogy during the funeral of their loved one. Christopher is the author of The obituary writing workbook and The eulogy writing workbook. These books were written to assist write a eulogy or obituary on your own, without the help of anyone if the need for such arises. The funeral director's treasure map is not physical but a digital product that is offered to you in a .pdf format signed with the name and e-mail address of the person purchasing it. This program is meant for all funeral home director and also those who want to go into the funeral industry. You do not require any skill to be able to use this product, you just need a digital equipment that can read the book.

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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Signs of the Times

In the 2004 season, the most popular series on cable television was an hour-long weekly drama about the funeral industry. HBO's Six Feet Under follows the lives of those who live and work at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, a family-owned operation in southern California. In each show a death is depicted in the opening scene, the bereaved buy their funeral package, and the corpse is embalmed with great artistry and impressive hydraulic technology in the cellar of the Fisher's house. While the holes opened up for the bereaved family are poked and probed, the Fishers and their loved ones go about the business of carrying on their own lives. Given the show's ratings, there would appear to be a yearning among millions of cable viewers to look more squarely in the face of death.

Other Pastoral Rites

The liturgical books expect the priest to minister at the deathbed for the service of the parting of the soul from the body. The funeral service itself begins at the home (or the funeral home nowadays) with brief troparia and a litany. On arrival in church the service continues with Psalm 90 and Psalm 118 (usually abbreviated) and the evlogi-taria verses for the departed. The shape of Matins continues to be apparent as Psalm 50 is read and followed by the canon in tone 6, 'Crossing the deep on foot as though it were dry land'. After the sixth ode is sung the well-known kontakion, 'Give rest, O Christ, to the soul of thy servant with the saints'. The canon is followed by further poetic verses such as 'All human things are vanity, all that remain not after death', then the Beatitudes with verses, and an Epistle (1 Thess. 4 13-17) and a Gospel (John 5 24-30). The priest reads the prayer 'O God of spirits and of all flesh' several times during the service. After a litany the choir sing...

Just Another Trap

Then a few days later I saw the footage of the protests outside of the funeral home where Matthew Shepherd was being waked. I had been doing something in the house that day when my wife called me to the television. I ran to see what was up, but all she could do was to point to the television screen. We both bugged out as Christians who had assembled across the street from the funeral home chanted hate slogans and carried signs that read, matthew is in hell, and god hates fags. Can you believe this, Mykel He's dead What the hell more do they want Sheeri screamed before tears exploded down her cheeks. She wondered aloud how they could protest in the name of Jesus. I, too, wondered how God could possibly get any glory from their activity that day. I wondered just how those people thought they were advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, I knew the answer They weren't. But it worried me that non-Christians would see the footage and think that those people represented us all. The...

The dearly departed

But HBO's series Six Feet Under is perhaps the most provocative of afterlife offerings to be found in popular culture at the moment. In the pilot episode, middle-aged Nathaniel Fisher, the owner of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, is fumbling for a cigarette while cruising in his sleek new hearse. Eyes off the road, he runs a red light and is crushed by a municipal bus. His two sons inherit the business, and their long-standing sibling rivalry erupts. The family begins to fall apart even before they bury their father, and the appeal of the series is found largely in the stubborn fidelity that holds this troubled family and their grim business together.

Jupiter Star

LeavIng all thIs Pagan MIthraIc nonsense behInd, what can we turn to We can't follow after the Roman calendar, because It Is lIke a dragnet trappIng the whole Earth In Its tentacles. You may wIsh to pIck up a JewIsh calendar at a synagogue or funeral home, to roughly famIlIarIze yourself wIth YIsrael's ScrIptural tIme system. Although there are a few technIcal glItches, they are mostly correct. Some MessIanIc groups have very good calendars avaIlable, and I recommend