The Great Awakening

The religious beginning of the emergent story of the Revolution, in the minds of an ever-increasing number of historians, lay in the Great Awakening. The Awakening is seen as the first true inter-colonial intellectual and spiritual event and complex. The heart of the revivalists' or awakeners' message was, of course, the need for individuals to turn from their wicked ways and to let God the Father ofJesus Christ draw them to God's self. But not only individual salvation was at issue. The evangelists began to use millennial language, which spoke of the need for citizens to be converted and to become moral together, in order to make the world attractive for Jesus Christ's return.

That call included the demand that the colonies as colonies and then the new nation as nation had to manifest awareness of their shortcomings and their readiness for God to work for their common purposes and common good. Historians who study the phrases about the colonies in the newspapers

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