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sermons into a collector's item. Out of appreciation for their consolatory character, the Reichsgrafin Eleonore zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1669-1745) amassed some 25,000 different funeral sermons.4 A prolific and bestselling writer was the Capuchin Prokop von Templin (1608-80), whose more than 2,600 sermons were published in thirty volumes characteristically titled Eucharistiale, Poeni-tentiale, Orationale, Mariale, and Decalogale. The sermons of Franz Volkmar Reinhard (1753-1812), Lutheran court preacher in Dresden, filled no less than forty-two volumes (published 1815-21); he is said to have addressed three or four thousand people every Sunday. But there were many prolific sermon writers, some of whom reached audiences far beyond their native lands: they included the English Nonconformist Philip Doddridge (1702-51), the Scots Presbyterian brothers Ralph (1685-1752) and Ebenezer (1680-1756) Erskine and the German Lutheran Johann Jakob Rambach (1693-1735), to name but a few. Series of collected sermons became more popular towards the end of the eighteenth century, such as the (much-translated) sermons of Georg Joachim Zollikofer (1730-88) or Hugh Blair (1718-1800). Each nation produced its own steady sellers, but in this period in western Europe, John Tillotson (1630-94) was certainly one of the most revered sermon writers. His sermons were published and republished in English, French, Dutch, and German, and his influence was pervasive.

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