Death of George Whitefield

Feathers Tavern Petition in England

Reduction of regulars in Austria Edict ofToleration in Austria State-run seminaries in Austria Lettres patentes for Jewish rights in Alsace

Pistoia Synod in Tuscany

Edict ofToleration in France French Revolution: Rights of Man

& Citizen Civil Constitution ofthe Clergy in France Religious schism begins in France French Revolutionary Wars begin

(1792-99) De-Christianization in France

(1793-94) Jung-Stilling's Heimweh

William Paley, 'Of Religious Establishments'

Quebec Act

Declaration of Independence in America

Catholic ReliefActs in England & Ireland

Anti-Catholic Gordon Riots in London

Death ofJohn Wesley British Baptist Missionary Society established

Slavery illegal in Massachusetts

Virgina statutes on religious freedom Drafting of US Constitution

Bill of Rights ratified in US

Pombal disbands Inquisition in Goa

Asiatic Society ofBengal established

C. Wilkins' English translation of Bhagavagita

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