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24. They are now published in Hermann Sauter and Erich Loos (eds.), Paul Thiry Baron d'Holbach. Die Gesamte Erhaltene Korrespondenz (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1986), pp. 9-10.

25. G. S. Rousseau, 'In the house of Madam Van der Tasse, on the longbridge: Ahomosexual university club in early modern Europe', in Kent Gerard and Gert Hekma (eds.), The pursuit of sodomy: Male homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe (New York: Harrington Park Press, 1989), pp. 311-48.

26. The Third Earl of Shaftesbury would seem to fall into that older category, although clearly he is struggling with matters sexual; see Lawrence E. Klein, Shaftesbury and the culture of politeness: Moral discourse and cultural politics in early eighteenth-century England (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994). See also the opening comments of Peter N. Miller, '"Freethinking" and "freedom of thought" in eighteenth-Century Britain', The historical journal, 36 (1993), pp. 599-602. There were also supporters of freedom in thought who could not be described as remotely freethinking - as the age understood the term - or as libertine or republican. For the first usage of the term 'freethinker' see Sebastian Smith, The religious impostor on the life of Alexander, a sham-Prophet, doctor and fortune-teller: Out ofLucian (Amsterdam, 1691).

27. See the papers of the court at the Osterreiche Nationalbibliothek, Vienna, with erotic manuscript poems.

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30. Information found in 'William Strutt - Memoir', Derby Local Library, p. 60. See also their letters at the Fitzwilliam Library, Cambridge, Strutt MS 48-1947. And see Eric Robinson, 'The Derby Philosophical Society', Annals of science, 9 (1953), p. 360.

31. Daniel Roche, France in the Enlightenment, trans. Arthur Goldhammer (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1998), p. 585.

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