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Illuminati New World Order

Why This Report Is a Must Have? Because the report is the first of its kind to fully examine and critique the concept of an Islamic New World Order with over 160 pages of key evidence. Because the reports comes at an angle that most bible prophecy ministries simply do not cover. We will explain to you why they would not be able to fully cover some of the key issues that we delve deep into. The report will challenge your existing views regarding the end times in relation to the coming New World Order and the purpose of Islam. Some of the information you will probably have a hard time digesting because its not for the faint hearted. Because with the report you will also receive access to a free edition of the Vision Report Watch. An award winning media publication providing monthly insights into the rise of world government. You will understand why some Muslims have a better understanding of the Antichrist system even than many Christians. Because one of the key features in the report is a full disclosure on wh

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Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Why The New World Order Created Billy Graham

The New World Order doesn't feel they can fail when they can create men like Billy Graham. The New World Order has made him the most respected man in America. And he is their man consciously working for them. If he lives long enough he will be one of their most powerful assets to bring in a false Christ. Adam Weishaupt, organizer of the Bavarian llluminati, said in German, The most admirable thing of all is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to our Order really believe...

Masonic Aspirations

But would the Masonic Lodge want to the centerpiece of the One-World-Religion and an initiation center In the Masonic Ritual during the opening ceremonies for the 31st degree of the Scottish Rite the Masons pray, Hear us with indulgence, O infinite Deity Let the great flood of Masonic light flow in a perpetual current over the whole world and make Masonry the creed of all mankind. The Italian Masonic Constitution, almost identical to the original Masonic Constitution of Anderson of 1723, states...

How The Prieure De Sion Started The Scottish Rite

Scotish Rite Freemason

Charles Radclyffe was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion from 1727-1746.1 It is probable that Scottish Rite Freemasonry was originally promulgated, if not indeed devised, by Charles Radclyffe.17 It seems also most likely that Charles Radclyffe was one of the unknown superiors likely the head one of a German nobleman Baron Karl Gottheif von Hund18 1722-1776 who is well known to have created the Rite of Strict Observance.19 According to von Hund a Grand Master of a super secret order...

Jewish Kehilla

Jew World Order

When reading Jewish books written for Jewish readership this Author has repeatedly bumped into remarks mentioning the KEHILLA. KEHILLA is consistently put into the context of being the organisation that controls life in the Jewish communities. It turns out that the KEHILLA is a secret at least to the non-Jews organization that does indeed run Jewish life, and at the top it is run by Satanists. Holocaust is lies. But how can we honestly evaluate what happened when the Power ruthlessly censors...