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The Young Lessing and His Religious Skepticism

In Berlin, Lessing began his freelance career as a reporter for the Berlinische Privilegierte Zeitung, or Berlin Licensed Newspaper. Changing residence every few years, he engaged in numerous activities as a columnist, literary critic, dramatist, and editor. On the face of it, his life and activities during this period seem to have had nothing whatever to do with the Christian religion. But the truth is that he did not lose his initial interest in religion at all. We have already seen that in his preface to the fragment Religion (Die Religion, 1749 50), Lessing clearly stated that religion has for many years been the theme that invokes my more serious poetic inspirations. 2 Furthermore, as we will shortly observe, other fragments ascribed to the same early years, fragments such as Some Thoughts about the Moravians (Gedanken ber die Herrnhuter, 1750), The Christianity ofReason (Das Christentum der Vernunft., 1751 52), and a number of literary criticisms in the Berlinische Privilegierte...

Notes on contributors

Mariamna Fortounatto studied icon painting under Leonide Ouspensky in Paris. For many years she taught icon painting at a school organised at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in London, as well as teaching students individually and advising former students of Professor Ouspensky. She has lectured widely in a freelance capacity on the history, theology and meaning of icons at ecumenical gatherings, extra-mural departments of universities and theological colleges. Publications include 'The icon' in The Cambridge Encyclopaedia ofRussia and the Soviet Union (Cambridge University Press, 1981).

The Controversy Between Lessing and Goeze

In May 1770, Lessing put an end to his long career as a freelance journalist to take up public service as a librarian at the famous Herzog-August-Bibliothek in Wolfenb ttel.1 Beginning 13 February 1772, the Duke of Brunswick permitted him immunity from censorship on condition that he never take advantage of this immunity to attack Christianity. Two years later Lessing began to publish valuable manuscripts and other library acquisitions in a series entitled Contributions to Literature and History from the Treasures of the Ducal Library at Wolfenb ttel (Zur Geschichte und Literatur Aus den Sch tzen der Herzoglichen Bibliothek zu Wolfenb ttel). Into this series, he quietly inserted certain portions of the unpublished manuscripts of the late Hermann Samuel Reimarus,2 publishing them as Fragments from an Unnamed Author These documents, as we have seen, Lessing had borrowed from the author's son and daughter, Johann Albert and Elise Reimarus. In publishing them, he must have made a shrewd...

Theological identities regional differences

Developments in the East were no less ominous. The council of 553 had achieved little reconciliation, partly because opponents of Chalcedon could not agree among themselves. Already in the early 540s, Theodosius ofAlexan-dria - frustrated at the failure of religious diplomacy, and encouraged by Ghassanid Arabs (allies of Rome but sympathetic to the anti-Chalcedonian cause) - had consecrated two new bishops, Jacob Baradaeus in Edessa and Theodore in Bostra the latter as bishop of all Arabia. The move represented a crucial shift in the center of gravity of Syrian anti-Chalcedonianism. Jacob in particular represented a growing fault line, carelessly accepted by Paul of Anti-och (bishop 557-81) and never wholly bridged. As a freelance missionary, he spread monastic ideals, fostered strong theological loyalties, and gave church government a looser structure. John of Ephesus describes his bewildering speed and bedraggled disguises as he traversed the East, leaving his Chalcedo-nian pursuers...