Dates: b.c.e. (Before the Common Era) is the equivalent of B.C., and c.e. (Common Era) is the equivalent of a.d.

Abbreviations for papyrological sources appear in J. F. Oates et al., Checklist of Editions of Greek and Latin Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, 4th ed. (Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists Supplement 7, 1992).

Where abbreviations are listed for both the name of an author and the title of his work, the abbreviation for the title appears immediately after the abbreviation for the author's name. Please note one exception: the abbreviation Ep. (for Epistulae) appears only once, although the letters of various authors are cited.

1 Clem. 1 Clement

App. Appian

BCiv. Bella Civilia

Apul. Apuleius

Met. Metamorphoses (=The Golden Ass)

Arch. Class. Archeologia Classica

Ath. Athenaeus

Aug. Augustine

CIL Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum

Did. Didache

Dig. Digest of Justinian

Dio. Chrys. Dio Chrysostom

Or. Orationes

Ep. Epistulae (=Letters)

Ep. Barn. Epistle of Barnabas

Epic. Epictetus

IG Inscriptiones Graecae

Ign. Ignatius

Pol. Epistle to Polycarp

Inst. Institutiones



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