Knowledge sin and secrecy in 1 en 1216

Whatever the precise derivation of 1 En. 6-11, the task of interweaving its potentially "antispeculative" strands with the descriptions of Enoch's revelations in 1 En. 17-36 is masterfully achieved by the transitional chapters of 1 En. 12-16. The sins of the Watchers are here described in the context of Enoch's commission to rebuke them. This framework enables the integration of traditions about the fallen angels with traditions about the elevation of Enoch, thereby facilitating the combination of 1 En. 6-11 with the material about Enoch in the rest of the Book of the Watchers. In this, the motif of illicit angelic instruction plays a pivotal role, serving as a nexus for the exploration of the epistemological issues raised both by the Watchers' illicit pedagogy and by Enoch's own access to heavenly secrets.63

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