The Ona Molecule

Deoxyribonucleic add IDNAI U a double-atranded helix found will) to in* chromosome*. which are tout ad inside tha nuclei of «very living cell. Tha molecule conilata of Just four nucleoli» unit*, one containing adenine. on* guanine, on* cytoiine, and on« aither thymine (in ONA) or uracil (In RNA) Tha »id«» Of ft* helix consist of altar mating d*oxyribo*e *i>Ci»ni and phosphate»

BustiaUan or thm right Why is K hell* »taped? Because tha DNA contains AO Mtraffwty cod*, it muat somehow fit inside the chromoeome. The Bustratlon on tha right Ousrate* how tha halls shape « used to »Quash an ¡mmen»« lengtit of it into tha tiny Chromosome!

four UuttrsVom bttow. ##c/t of ktctwmtkigm^nMcatlan: Fast, we aea the call with the darkened nucleus containing the chromosome*, Second. Intide the chromosome« we find tha DNA helix which haa tha appearance of a ipiral ataiicaM. Third, a »till closer kooK revoat* the ctvamicAl coda on tha uncoiled DNA stair -caaa. Fourth, we discover the chemical formulas of the lidn and runga.

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