The Age Of The Universe

What is the age of the universe, as calculated by some of the most prominent theories being considered in our time? Here they are:

*Gamow: 3-5 billion years. *Peebles and *Wilkinson: 7 billion years. *Ashford: 10-15 billion years. *Shklovski: 70 billion years. *Alfven: trillions of years. *Hoyle: infinite time.

By the late 1980s, evolutionary scientists were pretty much in agreement that the universe was 15-20 billion years old. But new data surfaced in the early 1990s, which required them to lower the age to 15 billion years or less. The problem is the Big Bang theory leans heavily on the speed theory of the redshift;—and there are now quasars which, according to the speed theory, are older than 15 billion years. So the evolutionists are being squeezed on both ends of their grand time continuum.

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