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The Scopes Trial 40 Five Red-shifted Spectra 94 The Polonium-218 Halo 120 Earth's Magnetic Field 140 Radiocarbon Death Dates 194 Darwin's Famous Statement 210 The Miller Apparatus 228 The DNA Molecule 244

Left- and Right-handed Amino Acid Molecule 262

Tryptophan Synthetase A 268

The Peppered Moth 288

Five Types of Eyes 300

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) 308

Damaging a Vehicle 322

Irradiated Drosophila Fruit Flies 346

Panthera Leo 376

Comparing the Trees 382

Sub-species of Dogs 384

Standard Geologic Timescale 418-419

Index Fossils 428

Every Phylum in the Cambrian 440

Polystrate Trees 474

Matterhorn and Folded Mountains 500

Heart Mountain 504

Comparing Gorilla and Man 522

The Theoretical Ancestry of Man 524

Arranging Java Man 532

The Pieces of Piltdown Man 534

Australopithecus 538

Ecological Zonation 622

Creation and the Flood in Chinese 642

The Vapor Canopy 650

The Glacial Period 680

The "Five-Bone Limb" and Arm and Hand of a Bat 700 The Aortic Arch 702 "Gill Slits" 728

One of Haeckel's Fraudulent Pictures 734

Eohippus and the Horse Series 744

Archaeopteryx 760

The Entropy Problem 782

Charles Darwin 796

Out of the Dark Cave of Savagery 808

Three Fairy Tales 844

To the memory of George Macready Price, the most powerful anti-evolution writer of the first half of the 20th century, and to Henry M. Morris, the most influential creationist of the last half.

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