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ERS—The more you study and learn, the more you can help other people. They need this information as much as you do.

SPECIAL RESEARCH GUIDE—Appendix I of this book is A Research Guide. It will help students in school prepare reports based on these scientific facts.

SCIENTIFIC STATEMENTS—In addition to those found all through this book, Chapter 23 has an outstanding collection of them.

POSITION OF THIS BOOK—This book agrees with a broad range of scientific evidence that our world is only several thousand years old, and that a worldwide Flood has occurred. See chapter 4, Age of the Earth, for more on this.

NATURE NUGGETS—The "design factor" is an overwhelming evidence of Creation. You will find examples of natural wonders, which evolution could not possibly produce, at the end of most chapters in this book. The location of all 32 is listed on the top of page 916. (Turn to page 316 for a sample.)

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Because most of them work within limited fields, scientists assume that researchers in other fields have successfully proven evolutionary theory. Unfortunately, their narrowed focus of study, and their acceptance of evolutionary presuppositions, hinder them from recognizing the implications of very obvious scientific facts and discoveries.

This book contains many basic facts and principles you will not learn in the secular schools. Reading them will broaden your grasp of hundreds of reference points, which will enable you to have a clearer understanding of science and natural history. An understanding of truth always strengthens the mind; an acceptance of error always tends to confuse it.

The men and women with the greatest breadth of mental capacity are those who recognize and willingly accept truth when they see it, and are willing to identify underlying principles and trace from cause to effect.

This book can equip you with a more accurate overview of scientific facts, often superior to that of the average secular science teacher and even of many research scientists.

Because of this, you should not feel intimidated by science teachers, nor even by research scientists you may meet. It is true that they know more about less, yet you will be able to correlate facts they have never considered.

Be polite and courteous, but never forget that you will have a grasp of a number of basic scientific principles which, unfortunately, they do not have and probably never will. Although they have a deep knowledge of a narrowed field, their dedication to evolutionary theories requires that they ignore valid scientific evidence. False premises inevitably lead to erroneous assumptions and conclusions. Minds become cramped when men dare not consider facts which disagree with their theories.

The facts in this book will provide you with a bulwark against the acceptance of many false scientific concepts you will encounter throughout the rest of your life. Keep this book and refer to it in the years to come. —vf

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