Rock Movements

THE UA TTtRHQfift-Hun tlx mountain that khoved and puahed Ha w«yp««t Kwa Of Othm Alplna mow>t<inf, end than decided to (too where ft la now located In Swluertand.

AMERICA IN CROSS SECTION-On the bottom of thia and the nest peg« laacioaa »♦Ctlon of the United Statu, «.tending from the Pacific on the left (o the Atlantic on the fight. Going from meat to aaat: tha Com< Rmga. Slarra Navada. and ftnrlry Mountain« tand to be volcanic or fault Wock. the Appalachian, folded mountain«. The horbontai araaa In-between oonaiat, for the moat pan, of waahed-ln fW.

FOLDED MOUNTAINS- On tha right b a typical crota «action of a folded moun 11 in. Thaae were cauaad by im menca pre««ure« Inducad by moun tain bidding at tha do*e of the Flood. The major mountain ranges In central and eaitem U.S.A. tand to be folded mountain«. Tha top part of their wrinkle« are called "anticline«/' and the trough* ere tollod "lyndb« "


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