Redshifts 28

THE RED SHIFT— Shown here are five spectra, taken by spectrometer photographs of distant objects in the universe. The figures are in accordance with the speed theory of red shift.

The top one is from a stellar object which, according to the speed theory, is 78 million miles distant, and is moving away from us at a speed of 1.200 kilometers per second.

The second one is thought to be 1 billion light years distant, and hurrying away at 15,000 kps.

The third is listed at 1.4 billion light years, and 22,000 kps.

The fourth is estimated at 2.5 billion light years, and 39,000 kilometers per second.

The bottom spectrum is thought to be located at a distance 3.96 billion light years from us, and rushing away at a speed of 61,000 kilometers per second.


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