How To Make An Electric Battery

ATP K a highnneruy phosphate compound which provides the cell with all the energy H needs to carry on its work. What Is more, the call manufactures the ATP cm of raw materials. This ATP Is (hen stored in tiny boan-shoped structures within the cell, called mitochondria.

II the cell can do if, why can't we do It also? ATP would tolve all our energy problem«. Look below at who! your body "by merest chance" does in order to manufacture ATP.

"The chloroplasc [In the leaf] contains not only chlorophyll but a full complement ol enzymes end associated substances, all properly and intricately arranged. It even contains cytochromes by which iho energy ol sunlight. Trapped by chlorophyll, can be convert«! into ATP through oxidative phosphorylation . .

"Arte/ me water molecules have been spin half of the hydrogen atoms find their way into the rjbuioee-diphosphale cycle, and hail ol the oxygon atoms are liberated Into the air. The rest ol the hydrogens and Oxygens recorrtiine into «rarer. In doing so, they release the aicsss ol energy that was gtvon to them when sunlight split the water mofeculec, and this energy is transferred to high-energy phosphate compounds such as ATP The en orgy stared in those compounds is then used 10 power the rlbuiose-diphasopnate cycle "—'ijaae Ast mow, Anntoy'i New Gukh to Science (t9S*J. pp. 5P', SM.

At you will notice in the chart below. In eleven steps ATP is made. Twice In those steps H 4 termed (two molecules formed at step 1 and two at step I0| Since two molecules Of ATP ate used to prima the «mire pfocett letup 11 initiating the breakdown ol glucote. a net gain ol only two molecules results from the entire eleven-step process of breaking down glucose pyruvate. All the steps must be cam. plelod in order to produce additional ATP, How long did the calls within Hvtng creatures wait till the randomness of 'natural selection" devised the following utterly complicated lormulft:

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