Helium In Zircon Crystals And The Age Of The Earth

19 - Analysis of zircon crystals, from five levels of hot rock in a 15,000-foot hole, revealed that almost no increase of lead escape had occurred at even the lowest level. This is powerful evidence in favor of a young earth and is consistent with a 6000-year age.

20 - Analysis of helium content in those small zircon crystals revealed amazingly high retention in 197° C. [386.6° F.] zircon crystals. This provides a double proof for a very young age for the earth. If the earth were millions of years old, that helium would have totally escaped from the zircon crystals.

21 - The lead-206/lead-207 ratio is too high, which is additional evidence that the independent polonium halos were not originally derived from uranium.

Robert Gentry has written a 316-page book about his findings. You will find it to be fascinating reading. It not only discusses the scientific facts, but also tells the story of how he made the discoveries, reported on them extensively in professional journals,—and eventually was shut out of the scientific community, when it was realized that his discoveries supported creation. The book is entitled, Creation's Tiny Mystery, and can be obtained by sending $12.95, plus $2.00 to cover shipping charges, to Earth Science Associates, Box 12067, Knoxville, TN 37912.

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