Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - Working with your class, make some tree ring samples and date them.

2 - Do you live near any of the types of evidences listed in this chapter? Name them.

3 - On a map of the world, find where some of the things which are evidences of a young earth are located.

4 - Out of all the evidences given in this chapter, which show that our planet is quite young? Which five do you consider to be the best? Memorize them, so you can later tell them to others.

5 - Which five do you consider to be the most surprising? Why?

6 - Why is it that no historical records of any kind go back beyond only a few thousand years B.C.?

7 - Scientists were certain that there should be an extremely thick layer of dust on the moon. Why did they find almost no dust on the moon?

8 - List seven of the strongest reasons from the other planets that indicate a youthful age for our solar system.

9 - List three of the best evidences from our moon that our world is only a few thousand years old. Which one do you consider to be the best? Why?

10 - Which evidence from natural gas and oil do you consider to be the best? Why?

11 - Why do evolutionists find it necessary every few years to keep dramatically increasing the supposed age of the earth and the universe?

12 - How many of the large number of evidences given in this chapter would be sufficient to prove that the earth is not very old?

13 - Why is the decay of earth's magnetic field such a powerful argument in favor of a young earth only a few thousand years old?

14 - Write a report on one "early earth" evidence which especially interested you. After completing it, explain it orally in class.

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