Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - What is the oldest species of tree in the world?

2 - Why are evolutionists so afraid to tell the public that their theories and dating techniques do not agree with scientific facts?

3 - There are five factors that render inaccurate the results of uranium or thorium dating. List three of them.

4 - List three of the four reasons why a worldwide Flood would have ruined the clocks in radiodating results.

5 - Why are evolutionists so concerned to try to make radiodating conclusions agree with the 19th-century theoretical dates applied to sedimentary strata?

6 - List five of the thirteen radiocarbon assumptions which you consider to be the most flawed, and most likely to produce inaccurate carbon-14 test results.

7 - How can we know that a dating technique is accurate if there is no way to verify a particular date?

8 - Why should anyone think that a radiodating method has any possible accuracy, when all its dates are wildly different from one another, and with every other dating technique—even on the same tested substance?

9 - Is a scientific method "scientific" which cannot be verified by other data or duplicated by alternate tests?

10 - Summarize five of the most significant of the seventeen major problems in radiocarbon dating.

11 - Twelve methods for figuring out the date of ancient materials are listed near the beginning of this chapter. Write a brief report on one of them, and why it does not accurately date.

12- List three of the reasons why racemic amino acid dating is so inaccurate.

13 - Why is the evolutionary varve theory not true?

14 - In view of the facts given in this chapter, which of the twenty dating methods discussed in this chapter can be reliably used?

15 - Why is it that ancient records of total solar eclipses are the most accurate way of dating ancient events?

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