Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - Evolutionists consider time to have miraculous qualities. Can long ages of time produce an event which cannot happen? This is a good topic for class discussion.

2 - Hoyle said that evolution of life is as probable as a tornado in a junkyard producing a fully operational Boeing 747. Estimate the number of ages of time it would require for a continual succession of tornadoes to put that plane together into working condition.

3 - What does *Wald mean, when he says that the more time, the less likely that evolution could take place?

4 - If an impossible event (like dirty water changing into an animal, or a fish crawling out of water and changing into a frog) cannot happen in a year, why should we expect it to be able to happen at some time in the past million years? Would not such an event still have to happen in the lifetime of a single creature? During that creature's lifetime, could he make all his organs, find a mate like himself, and produce offspring?

5 - In your opinion, is evolutionary theory based on scientific facts or on a fairy tale?

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