Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - A good definition of natural selection would be "random action." Why would "harmful genetic change" be a good definition of a mutation?

2 - Explain each of the four primary qualities of mutations. If mutations only had one of those four qualities, could they still produce cross-species evolution?

3 - There is a lot of hopeful talk in evolutionary circles about "good mutations." Have scientists found a single really beneficial mutation?

4 - Why are mutations likened to automobile accidents?

5 - Briefly explain the difference between Darwinian evolution and neo-Darwinian evolution.

6 - Mutations are accidents that are random. Can the random aspect help the accidents improve the organism receiving the mutation?

7 - A human body is a complicated mechanism, so is a television set. From the standpoint of delicate interrelationships, all of which must work efficiently for the entire system to function properly, why is inserting a mutation into a person similar to hitting a TV set with a hammer or changing one of its wires?

8 - Do random mutations provide the proper additional information for the DNA to effectively use them?

9 - Write a brief report on the sickle-cell anemia problem and why it is not really beneficial.

10 - Why do the decades of fruit fly research clearly show that mutations could not produce beneficial improvements, much less new species?

11- Why did the Benzar discovery definitely establish the 100 percent harmfulness of mutations?

12 - Write a report on why the hopeful monster theory could not be correct. Explain several specific problems confronting the theory.

13 - Select two of the six strange teachings of evolution, and explain why they are so amazingly imaginative and could not succeed in reality.

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