Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - Thoroughly memorize the eight classification categories (kingdom, phylum, class . . ). To whatever extent you study or work in the natural sciences, they will come in handy all your life.

2 - Discuss the several definitions by which a true species can be identified.

3 - There are several names for a true species: species, true species, Genesis kinds, baramins, biological species. Which one or ones do you consider best? Why?

4 - Evolutionists point to microevolution as a proof that evolution occurs. Why is so-called microevolution not evolution at all?

5 - Write a paper on Carl Linnaeus.

6 - Explain the difference between "lumpers" and "splitters." Which of the two do you think causes the most confusion for those who are trying to identify the true species?

7 - Explain the sentence: "There is not an evolutionary tree; there are only twigs."

8 - Explain why gene depletion would make it impossible for evolution to occur. Include a discussion of de Wit's comments on it.

9 - Why is selective breeding of no use as evidence in favor of evolution? Why is it, instead, definite evidence against evolution?

10 - Why is there always a limit as to how far out offspring can vary, from the genetic average, for that species?

11 - Why is genetic drift an inadequate evidence for evolution?

12 - What is the position of the cladists? Why did they take it?

13 - Did the research work of Gregor Mendel help the theories of the evolutionists or ruin those theories? Why?

14 - Give two reasons why the mule is not the beginning of a different species.

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