Grades 5 To 12 On A Graduated Scale

1 - Draw a simple sketch of our solar system, with the sun, planets, and some of the moons. Then draw a second sketch of what our part of the sky would look like if an outward moving explosion of gas [from a "Big Bang"] were to pass through it. Would it produce our sun, with planets circling it, and moons circling the planets?

2 - Draw a sketch of the supposed Big Bang in the center of a sheet of paper. All around it jot down brief-sentence reasons why that theory would be impossible.

3 - Draw a picture of electrons circling a nucleus. Find a Periodic Table of Elements. Do you believe those very complicated elements, with their whirling electrons, could have made themselves out of nothing?

4 - *Fred Hoyle developed an incorrect theory, known as the steady-state theory. Later he repudiated it publicly. What do you think of Dr. Hoyle for doing that? Do you think it is common for most evolutionists to later reject a theory they have held for many years?

5 - Write a paper disproving one of the following: Big Bang theory, background radiation theory, redshift theory, expanding universe theory.

6 - Could outward-flowing gas and random action of molecules really have produced stars, planets, and life on our world? Tell why you do or do not think so.

7 - Explain the difference between "Kelvin, " "Celsius," and "absolute zero." How is "Celsius" different than "Fahrenheit"?

8 - Explain the difference between the four types of red-shift explanations: (1) first-order Doppler effect (speed theory), (2) gravitational shift, (3) second-order Doppler effect, and (4) energy-loss, tired-light shift.

9 - Research the meaning of the following terms and explain each in a brief statement: laws of nature, angular momentum, helium mass 4 gap, periodic table of elements, supernova, inverse-square law, Hubble constant, second law of thermodynamics.

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