Gorilla And

'Charles Darwin said that man descended from an ape. On the left is a representative ape, the gorilla. Carefully notice its bony structure, and compare it with the skeleton of a human, on the right. Two facts are obvious: (1) Both were designed by the same highly-intelligent Creator; (2) the two structures are otherwise very, very different.

The skulls are totally different, and so are the neck bones, remainder of the spines, and the ribs. The upright stance of the human requires a doubly curved spinal column and a large gluteus maximus muscle. The junction of the spinal cord and the skull is farther forward on the human, so the head can balance in an upright position. Note the massive gorilla jaw and heavy bony crest at the top of the skull, needed for anchoring the jaw muscles.

a cranial capacity ranging from about 950cc. to 1,800cc., with the average about 1,400cc."—*R. Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution (1990), p. 98.

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