Evolution Could Not Do This

Try as they might, scientists cannot figure out how to make light without 94.5% of the energy being used as heat. But the firefly, Photinus, makes light with 90% of the energy for that purpose. The glow of a firefly contains only 1/80,000 of the heat that would be produced by a candle flame of equal size. One scientist spent his lifetime studying the luciferin in fireflies, without success. Many other researchers have tackled the problem, and have also failed.

The diving spider is a regular spider which breathes air but spends most of its time under water. Diving under water with a bubble, and fastening it to vegetation, the spider uses it for air and a nest. The living and nesting habits of this spider are complex and amazing. As soon as the babies are born, they do their part in diving and helping the family.

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