Evangelical theology centers on grace, and so it is especially fitting for us to acknowledge the divine gifts that have made this book possible. "What do you have that you did not receive?'' (1 Cor. 4:7) Indeed.

We dedicate the project to Mark Noll, the renowned evangelical historian who - just prior to this writing - has announced his departure from Wheaton College and will represent evangelical Protestants at the University of Notre Dame. Mark's teaching and encouragement have initiated and sustained Tim Larsen's career from his undergraduate days onward. Mark's famous book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind had direct and deeply personal bearing on Dan Treier's calling to theological scholarship. Both of us rejoiced at the opportunity to be Mark's colleagues, and we have reveled in the continual support and guidance he offers. The public knows of his outstanding scholarship, as evidenced for example in the magnum opus America's God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln, a standard for stewardship of intellectual gifts that neither of us can hope to attain. We also can attest, however, what you might only know by reading between the lines: Mark Noll is an unfailingly humble person of deep conviction, global awareness, and gentle good cheer; he is also a very capable theologian on the side.

Many other colleagues at Wheaton are unfailingly supportive as well. Among our fellow theologians in particular, we especially thank Steve Spencer for advice and friendship that made this book better. Barry Jones, soon to depart from our student ranks, generously provided text editing, research, and bibliographical preparation at the same time he was finalizing his Ph.D. thesis. Michael Allen kindly helped to prepare the indexes. Our dean, Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, has also been generous in helping us to find the time for this work.

Originally, two additional contributors were part of this project. We regret not having represented in this volume another evangelical voice from the Church of England, Canon Dr. Christina Baxter CBE, Principal, xiv

St. John's College, Nottingham. But we understand that, when it becomes necessary to choose, her ecclesiastical, administrative, and ministry commitments should rightly take priority. We were also honored that Stanley J. Grenz, Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology, Carey Theological College, Vancouver, and a preeminent evangelical theologian, had consented to write for this volume. We mourn his death on 12 March 2005 and can only pray that God will raise up other theologians of such caliber in our midst.

It remains to acknowledge our families, who raised us in the heritage of evangelical Christian faith and who sustain us with constant support. Our wives, Jane Larsen and Amy Black Treier, believe in our scholarly pursuits and love us in spite of how much energy we spend on projects such as this. Both are testimonies to God's grace in our lives.

note on references

Unless otherwise stated, the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) is normally the Bible translation used.

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