The Moors Return

Before, Muslims were guests who would leave. Today Islam is among us.

Riay Tatari Bakri (Madrid)

For all the potential importance of other religious groups, it is Europe's Muslims who attract the greatest attention and concern, all the more so given the historical context. Near Granada, we find the famous site of "the Moor's last sigh," where Spain's last Muslim king wept as he contemplated the ruin of a once-great civilization, overwhelmed by the Christian Reconquista. As Fouad Ajami has pointed out, though, we might yet live to hear the Moor's last laugh, as Muslims again hold sway over large portions of Europe. Not only are Muslims a prominent force in all leading cities, but this presence will inevitably grow. For Europeans, the critical question is whether the Muslim presence can be absorbed into societies that were traditionally Christian or secular, and how that interaction will transform both sides.1

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