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Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep: Over 250 Funeral Poems And Readings

How can Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep help you? Suitable for English speakers all over the world. Whether you have lost a parent, child, husband or wife, partner, friend, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or anyone else, this book will help you find the words to express your sorrow. Over 250 carefully selected poems, quotations and readings covering the vast range of emotions caused by bereavement, from anger, rage, denial, desolation and despair to hope, peace and acceptance, put together with love, care and a great deal of attention to detail. Contains both timeless words of wisdom from some of the greatest writers who have ever lived and the work of more contemporary poets, with many famous pieces on bereavement as well as lesser-known treasures for you to discover (see a selection of the authors below) An excellent resource for those seeking the perfect poem or quotation for a funeral, memorial service, obituary, condolence letter or sympathy card, as well as for those who are simply trying to make sense of it all. The right words have a wonderful ability to soothe the soul. Read more...

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How to Write And Deliver a Great Eulogy in 6 Simple Steps contains: 6 Step guide to writing And delivering a eulogy so you wont be lost for words or stuck! Structure to follow: Saving you valuable time and energy when you need it most! Peace of mind: 100% confident that you are doing it right: Now you can craft and deliver a eulogy that will be remembered and appreciated by all those who hear it. Instant help: Immediate download for your convenience. 2 Fill-in-the-blanks Emergency Eulogy Templates: Really in a rush or stuck? A template will help you to get to the heart of the matter and complete a meaningful and personal Eulogy for a male or female in less than 60 minutes if necessary. Poems and Quotes: 2 chapters dedicated to the most significant poems and quotes so you can find that verse you were looking for in minutes all in one place- rather than searching for hours! Examples: Review personal eulogies for all kinds of relationships- grandfather, brother, sister, son, aunt, mother, father, and uncle. Help for Difficult or Unusual Circumstances: Special poems and guidelines for tragic, difficult or unusual circumstances including untimely deaths and unnatural causes. Read more...

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The Death of James the Brother of Jesus

As they watched the Christian movement spread beyond the borders of Palestine and as they observed the uproar in the city as Jesus worshippers gathered for the Passover celebration, the Jewish priests and leaders must have felt their power waning. In desperation, they asked James to intervene and address the crowd from the Temple parapet, to explain that Jesus was not the Son of God. Instead, James delivered an uncompromising eulogy on the Son of Man, which incited rather than calmed the crowd. The Jewish leaders were outraged. They reacted with violence. Although they did not have the right to inflict capital punishment, which was the exclusive prerogative of the Roman governor, they called James to account for his sermon and then, at the order of the high priest Ananas and in defiance of Roman law, they killed James and several of his fellow Christians (see Primary Document 2.7).

Elizabeth Stuart

Furthermore, though the family and friends of the deceased are encouraged to play a significant part in the preparation and execution of the funeral rites there is a strong emphasis on the involvement of the whole local Christian community not only in offering a ministry of consolation but in active participation in the rites from the vigil to the committal, an involvement which has practical consequences in, for example, the timing of funerals (Catholic Church 1991 4). The deceased belongs primarily to the church of which the family is a subgroup. Other elements reinforce the priority of this ecclesial personhood. The general introduction is emphatic that there is never to be a eulogy only a homily on the content of Christian hope (Catholic Church 1991 8). Non-biblical readings are permitted only in prayer services with the family, not in the funeral Eucharist itself. Only Christian symbols such as a Bible or cross may be placed on or near the coffin as a reminder of the faith of the...

Queer Origins

We learn because we desire, and we learn desire through the attractions of beautiful others - most obviously for Plato the beauty of young men - which then leads us on to the beautiful itself. (But human beauty is not merely instrumental, since all loves are gathered into love.) For some, desire comes to an end when it is fulfilled, when it attains what it seeks. But this is not Plato's view, which imagines a desire into the unknown, in which the vision of truth replenishes our desire. Desire (to know) emerges in our desiring (learning). We do not regain what we have lost but instead learn to repeat what is yet to come - and is coming ever more intensely in our wanting. The Symposium offers various eulogies on the nature of eros, and from and against which Socrates takes the view that love is not a goddess, but the daimon metaxu, the demonic between, which binds the cosmos, and which we should follow, as it leads us from human to divine beauty. Socrates has learned of love from the...

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