Thermodynamics and Chaos Research

The theories considered so far have one thing in common, namely, the reversibility of time. None could prove that time has a direction. In the example of the twin traveling through space, the conclusion that the home-bound twin is older and not younger, is, in a strict sense, not a consequence of the theory of relativity—the latter verifies only the different lengths of the time intervals—but rather a conclusion based on what experience teaches us. Events in the atomic area are reversible. If we could see atomic processes in a film, we would not be in the position to decide whether this film is being wound forwards or backwards. Up to now, there are only very rare and indirect observations of a nonreversible and thus time-asymmetrical disintegration in the case of an elementary particle named kaon.282 In any case, the irreversibility of time on the macroscopic level cannot simply be derived from this.

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