Preface to the English Edition

Even when one has a lot of support, there is still a long journey from a book published in German to a readable English text. Translation is often not acknowledged as the art it really is. I am aware that the use of several languages and terminology from hymnody, theology, physics and philosophy increased the challenge in this case. I want to express my gratitude to all who have contributed to this edition.

Special thanks to the Templeton Foundation Press, especially Laura Barrett and Joanna Hill, for making the translation possible and for guiding the project toward completion; April Wilson, Chicago, for her impressive perseverance in editing text, quotes and references; Professor Neil Spurway, Glasgow, for his thoughtful comments on the whole text; Professors John Albright, Mark Bangert, Ralph Klein and Audrey West, Chicago, and Dr. Stefan Vogt, Argonne National Laboratory, for their helpful suggestions on parts of the text.

Now it is up to the reader to judge the result. It is my hope that both the poetry and the prose as well as the sober figures in some places will be enjoyable enough to nourish both interest and insights into a theme that continues to captivate almost everyone's imagination.

I dedicate this book to those who taught and mentored me and to those who keep the challenge of teaching and learning aliveā€”i.e., to my teachers and my students.

Chicago, February 2005

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